Hether Fleming -  2023 / 2024 Current President

Hether has been a Kiwanian for 3 plus years and has been involved with the Kiwanis Music Festival for 16 years. Heather has maintained active involvement with Club events, fundraisers, and service projects. She is passionate about the work Kiwanis does in and around our community to enhance the lives of those in need and give children and families opportunities they might not have otherwise. “I love getting my hands dirty and helping with cabin renovations and gardening at Belwood Lodge and Camp. It’s an incredible experience to witness the impact Belwood Camp has on the lives of the campers and their families!”

As the Coordinator of the Kiwanis Music Festival, she dedicates countless hours annually to ensure aspiring young musicians can take part in exceptional musical experiences. As the largest youth services program for the arts in our community, the Festival is able to provide performance opportunities second to none!

“I am thrilled to be serving as Club President. I look forward to working with the club’s dedicated and passionate individuals to achieve our many goals to become even more impactful in our community this year and into the future!”

Chris Bisson -2021 / 2022 & 2022 / 2023 Past President

Chris joined Kiwanis over 20 years ago and has been an active member ever since. “I remember attending the Kiwanis vs Belwood Counsellors baseball game in the first few months of being a member. That experience changed my life.” Supporting the camp for kids and young adults with intellectual disabilities, and being involved with other service projects like the Kiwanis Music Festival, are what gives Chris energy to fundraise and volunteer.

“Knowing the money we raise and the physical effort members put in goes toward such amazing projects makes me feel great about the work this organization continues to do.” Here’s to another 100 years of service in Guelph and Wellington County!

*John M. Kearns 1921-1922

*Elmer Cosford 1923

*Harry Mahoney 1924

*James Millar 1925

*George Chapman 1926

*Harry Everdell 1927

*Herb Thomas 1928

*Charles Fairley 1929

*Ted Phelan 1930

*J. I. Sanderson 1931

*J. J. Steward 1932

*Jack Black 1933

*Fred Spence 1934

*Ruby Berner 1935

*John Buchanan 1936

*Thomas Blow (part) 1937

*John Lacrone (Balance) 1937

*Andrew Jeffery 1938

*Herb Jamieson 1939

*Fred Garlick 1940

*Roland Hillis 1941

*Norman Burbridge 1942

*Ivan D. Muller 1943

*D. Lloyd Wilson 1944

*Ed Lafontaine 1945

*Jack Stuart 1946

*Joseph Heffernan 1947

*J. Douglas Oakes 1948

*Walter Hicks 1949

*Gilbert MacIntrye 1950

*Chauncey Sharpe 1951

*Alfred D. Hales 1952

Harold S. Holden 1953

*W. E. (Ted) Heming 1954

R. P. Stansfield (part) 1955

*Harry Kelly 1956

*Elmer Wagner 1957

*Ken Jeans 1958

Tom Weaver 1959

*Denis Dodson 1960

Don Grant 1961

Gordon Davidson 1962

Burt Hanna 1963

*Wallace Slatter 1964

Earl Robinson 1965

*Gordon (Bud) Kemp 1966

Doug Bisset 1967

*Ralph Boyce 1968

Clare Rennie 1969

*William Dunlop 1969-1970

*Ed Spall 1970-1971

Al Spence 1971-1972

*Ross McNaughton 1972-1973

R. Wilson Clark 1973-1974

*Douglas T. Sloan 1974-1975

Wilf Park 1975-1976

Sanford Snyder 1976-1977

Keith Conrad 1977-1978

Donald Lucyk 1978-1979

Mike MacIntrye 1979-1980

Bruce Donaldson 1980-1981

Andy Watson 1981-1982

Nicholas P. Callwood 1982-1983

Peter D. Anderson 1983-1984

Thomas Bell 1984-1985

Murray Taylor 1985-1986

Nick Kaethler 1986-1987

Darryl Diefenbacher 1987-1988

Wayne Mizen 1988-1989

Dale Pickering 1989-1990

*Barney Brown 1990-1991

John Caron 1991-1992

David McCaig 1992-1993

Lee Villar 1993-1994

Wayne Hyland 1994-1995

Joe Scollard 1995-1996

Blair Fraser 1996-1997

Ken Richardson 1997-1998

Vic Paradis 1998-1999

Janice Husson 1999-2000

George Shepherd 2000-2001

Geoff Wilkinson 2001-2002

Chris Bisson 2002-2003

Peter D. Anderson 2003-2004

Brooks Hipgrave 2004-2005

Sue Curtis-Villar 2005-2006

Tim Steele 2006-2007

Jim Marshall 2007-2008

Peter McSherry 2008-2009

Larry Smith 2009-2010

Chris Bedard 2010-2011

Karen Ferraro 2011-2012

Various 2012-2013

Patty Carkner 2013-2014

Bill Green 2014-2016

Dan Waterston 2016-2017

Ken Catteau 2017-2018

Janice Bacon 2019-2020

Chris Bisson 2021-2023