Camp Belwood for Intellectually Challenged Kids & Adults

Since 1946, the Kiwanis Club of Guelph has taken great pride and provided significant financial support to operate a large camp facility at Lake Belwood where special needs people may attend with their peers for swimming, boating, crafts, sing-songs and other typical events of summertime camping. Current chair of this committee is Kiwanian Ken Catteau.

The Kiwanis Club provides and maintains the physical facilities while Belwood Lodge and Camp operates and staffs the summertime camping sessions on land that is leased from the Grand River Conservation Authority.

These summertime weeks are fully booked and highly valued, both by the campers and their families. They provide campers with a time to make friends and renew friendships, as well as enjoy fresh air and sunshine in a safe and structured vacation. At the same time, the camping experience provides respite to the camper’s families.

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