ELIMINATE project – Kiwanis & UNICEF join forces

Kiwanis, UNICEF join forces to save 129 million mothers and newborns

Kiwanis and UNICEF have joined forces to save the lives of babies and their mothers by eliminating maternal/neonatal tetanus (MNT), a disease that kills an estimated 60,000 newborns and 30,000 mothers each year.

“The Eliminate Project will protect mothers and babies from Tetanus”

The majority of mothers and newborns dying of MNT live in 40 countries located in Africa, and Southern and East Asia. The disease kills one baby every nine minutes. Its effects are excruciating—tiny newborns suffer repeated, painful convulsions and extreme sensitivity to light and touch.

No baby or mother should have to suffer the devastating effects of MNT, that is why Kiwanis will mobilize its nearly 600,000 family members to become tireless advocates for these children and raise needed funds to defeat this deadly disease.

MNT is easily prevented by a series of three vaccinations to women of childbearing age, costing roughly US$1.80.

The Eliminate Project: Kiwanis eliminating maternal/neonatal tetanus will raise US$110 million over the next five years to fill the funding gap required to provide an estimated 387 million doses of the vaccine.

The Eliminate Project will deliver life saving vaccines to the most vulnerable women and children in the world: those in remote and difficult to reach areas; conflict zones; and with little access to healthcare.

Not only will The Eliminate Project protect women and babies from tetanus, the project also will create a path for other services, such as clean water, nutrition and other vaccines, to reach the world’s most vulnerable people.

Because one can make a difference, join us to our journey to help the ones who need it the most. Become a member of The Kiwanis club of Guelph and help to raise money to this and other community programs in the Guelph-Wellington area.

For additional information about The Eliminate Project, go to: www.TheEliminateProject.org